Styring af SMART Library

Smart Library

DTU Smart Library - open to DTU students, scientists and partners.

The vision of DTU Smart Library is to create an "indoor living lab", where students and researchers can develop, test and present smart technologies and access and analyse the collected data to carry out both qualitative and quantitative studies.

Replacement of light fittings and establishment of Smart infrastructure
During 2016, DTU Campus Service, CAS, will replace the approx. 620 lamps in the library in building 101, Lyngby, as part of the continuous maintenance. LED light is thus introduced all over the library and significant savings of energy consumption are anticipated. 

The new light fittings are smart as the introduction of LED light offers the opportunity to adjust both the light intensity and the colour of the light according to the wishes of the users via their smart phone.

Smart lamps - not just for illumination
The fittings can be installed with various sensors, e.g. infrared sensors to collect data about the number of people in an area of the library and registration of their pattern of movement. Acoustic sensors for sound measurements can also be installed. 

In addition, the lamps are part of the ventilation in the library, as the exhausting takes place via the lamps. Various sensors can be added to the air current to measure temperature, humidity, particles CO2 level etc. and thus gather data about the indoor climate.



Lars Binau
Team Manager, Library Facilities and Stacks
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+45 45 25 73 15

Technical Support

Anders B. Møller
Head of Operations
+45 45 25 13 10
Lene Kuszon
+45 93 51 12 27
24 MAY 2018