How to join

If you are eager to get started, then apply for using DTU Smart Campus by filling in the simple application template below and sending it to us.

Smart Campus project application template.

Then what … ? We contact you for a meeting where the test setup is discussed with Campus Service, who will help with installation and data access. 

In 2016 it is possible for students and scientists to seek 5,000 DKK for equipment necessary for the project you want to execute on DTU Smart Campus. Please contact us for further information.


Dorthe Skovgaard Lund
Project Manager
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+45 21 36 26 97
Jens Dahlstrøm
Innovation Consultant
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+45 93 51 17 15

Technical Support

Anders B. Møller
Head of Operations
+45 45 25 13 10
Allan Egetoft
Head of Section
+45 45 25 13 17
23 OCTOBER 2017