DTU Smart Campus


With Smart Campus, we aim to improve learning facilities, create a greener and smarter campus, and ultimately test the technology that will be used to build tomorrow’s smart cities.

If you have an idea, bring it to the smart campus team and we will help you make it a reality. Anything goes, as long as it will help create a smart and sustainable campus.

If you already have a project - apply here!


  1. Access to campus living labs and infrastructure
  2. Access to campus data
  3. Possibility for funding of 5.000 DKK

Previous Cases

Interactive lantern GLØD

Facility Management

Anders B. Møller
Head of Operations
+4545 25 13 10
Allan Egetoft
Head of Section
+4545 25 13 17


Dorthe Skovgaard Lund
Project Manager
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+4521 36 26 97
Jens Dahlstrøm
Innovation Consultant
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
+4593 51 17 15
21 OCTOBER 2019